From Story Idea To Reader by Rosemary J. Kind and Patsy Collins

From Story Idea to Reader cover art

I was asked to review a audible copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I agreed as it’s one my wishlist. I’ve read a lot of writing books over the years and own a few and this one definitely stood out from the rest.


“From Story Idea to Reader is an easily accessible guide to writing fiction. Whether you are brushing up on your writing skills or starting out, this book will take you through the whole process from inspiration to conclusion. No matter if you are looking to submit your work for publication, enter a competition, or want to self-publish, this practical guide will help you every step of the way.

Between them, Patsy Collins and Rosemary Kind have sold hundreds of short stories, written 16 published books, and produced numerous articles for Writing Magazine and similar publications. They’ve both judged writing competitions and run workshops, and Rosemary has read and edited thousands of short stories and published dozens of books for other writers.”

My Thoughts

This book is perfect for beginners with lots of practical information many other books don’t even brush on: how to start, finding the space to writing, finding the time and what you really need. Specifically how to start your writing journey/career if you’re on a budget. The first book I’ve read that gives you this advice.

The first part of this book is how to write and the second part gives information about practical advice regarding formatting and markets. I recommend this book above all others for beginners and people who want to earn a living from writing. Most books spend a lot of time telling you how to write but not much on how to make a career. I’ve never read a book that told me about the right formatting and how to implement it on a word processor! This book even tells you about taxes!

Although I said it’s for beginners I’m not really a beginner and straight away I learnt things from this book: After listening to the ‘where do you get your ideas’ bit I was inspired and had an idea of how to come at a story from a different angle. There’s a section on dialogue and they mention using speech tags, saying that sometimes you don’t need to use them at all.  And then: tips about backing up your work and how to use what you know to inspire your writing, making a note of what names you have used and titles not to overuse them in other future works.
There’s something for writers of all levels in this book. 

What makes this books stand out from all the others: it’s written using the personal experience of the authors. It reads like a conversation between friends telling you how they write and how you can start and continue your writing career. Most books on writing take ages to read and they are how-to or report like books, but From Story Idea To Reader has no waffle and gets straight to the point with worthwhile knowledge others books don’t give or only skim.This definitely deserves a place on any writers’ bookshelf.

There’s a lot of books about writing and it’s hard to know which ones stand out and are going to teach you and which ones are just a regurgitation of every other book or give you a promise that could be fulfilled in a blog post rather than buying a whole book. I’ve read a few and own quite a few. This one stands out and has something for writers at every stage of this journey/career.
I’m going to have to get a physical copy of this book and reread it, I realised I prefer to read books rather than listen and whilst listening to it I didn’t do the exercises at the end of each chapter. So excuse to get a copy!

You can find this book here on Amazon. 



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