Summer Reading List & Challenge

Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve been having a hectic time trying to get my house sorted and then trying to relax but now I’m back.

Since I won’t be going on holiday this year I thought I’d find some holiday/travel books that will make up for it. This is  also my way of coaxing myself to widdle down that tbr. This post originally started as a list of fun books to read if you’re not able to go on holiday this year but plans change.

Another blogger Cathy @ 746 Books has set up a Summer Reading Challenge on her blog, this is the link to her list of books. Thanks to What Cathy Read Next for reminding me and also to Shayney (who reads a lot of books and don’t try to challenge her she will beat it!) for the reminder.

I wasn’t going to join and I’ve missed the start. It starts beginning June and ends in September….. 

I’m doing it! 20 books by the end of September, no pressure! Lets do it!

This is my Summer Reading List, fully flexible 🙂 Books I’ll be reading June-September

IMG_20190614_153310665.jpgThis is a WISHLIST book, I finally bought it this year, it’s a indie book set in Scotland. Currently reading this and over halfway through, it’s a lovely book. It’s great to read a thinner book for a change, I’ve been reading the second and third Outlander books and they’re taken so much time to read. I enjoy them and don’t want to read anything else when I’m reading them, but it’s a joy to get back to reading shorter books and realise how quickly I can get through them. (I might defeat the tbr yet!!)

I wanted a fun, feel-good book to read like a Jenny Colgan. This book was available on Netgalley and since I’m missing Cornwall this year I thought it’d be perfect.

On about Cornwall, I bought this from the gift shop in Tintagel last year and never finished it:

IMG_20190617_140019875-1.jpgI’m looking forward to getting back into this book, there’s some lovely stories in there so keep an eye out for my review.

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree: A Sequel to Driving Over Lemons (Lemons Trilogy Book 2) by [Stewart, Chris]This has been on my Kindle  for a few years, I read the first book the last time I didn’t go on holiday (or maybe it was a short break later in the year I forget) so it’s apt that I’m going to read this now. I wasn’t even blogging when I read book 1, I loved it felt like I was right there with the author.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)I’ve never read the Narnia books but I’ve had the opportunity to read and review them for a website. Although it’s not really a summer read it’s a lovely children’s fantasy. Something short and fun.

I was introduced to this in school but read it myself outside, I loved it and have been meaning to reread it and also the other books by Gerald Durrell set in Corfu. I’ve been meaning to reread it since the tv series started and it’s finished now, so it’s definitely the right time. I don’t own any of Gerald Durrell’s books, so I’ll probably be getting it from the library.

IMG_20190617_140056701-1.jpgI bought this book last month recently, I love history but sometimes struggle to really get into a non-fiction book. This is about the history of Britain, the wars that happened between England and Scotland and England and Wales. I subject I’ve always been interested in.


This book appeals to me as a summer read as it’s set in Scotland and it’s about a woman healing and finding her way again, I love stories that are uplifting. It’s an indie read.

I also have these books on my bookshelf that I might read:


Skin is set in Celtic Britain, The Magpie Tree is set in Cornwall, so both seem to fit well into a summer theme.


I don’t want it to be set it stone so I might swap books or add them as the challenge says you can 🙂 I have a list of Netgalley reads that will be in my next post.

Let me know what books you’re planning on reading over the summer.  If you’re looking for a book to add to your summer reading I recommend The Salt Path by Raynor Winn, it’s about a couple who walk the 630 mile South West Coast Path, an amazing read that makes you feel like you’re there. I read this last year after buying a copy on holiday, an indie bookshop in Padstow.

I’ll try to keep an update of my challenge 🙂 Let me know if you’re joining too.






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