Getting back to it: Writing advice and thoughts.

I haven’t written a post about writing for a while. I was working on my novel, starting from the beginning really and trying to fill in gaps. When I first wrote it I never wrote it in order and whilst that’s not a bad thing, it didn’t flow right. I’m learning my process as  I go, determined to finish this novel. Now I’ve started again it’s flowing better but I took a break….

apple book break child
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….from writing and blogging. I’ve always got a list of things I want to do or need to. And for a while now I’ve been trying to get stories finished and I started two courses and then I try to keep up with my blog. I never seem to find a balance and often feel like I’m running around like a headless chicken which doesn’t help my anxiety levels. When I took this break I realised not for the first time that I need to completely change the way I do things.

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My answer to this in the past has been to do more yoga and mindfulness because it helps my anxiety and stress levels. But then I’m adding more tasks to do, relaxing becomes a task and you know it doesn’t work like that. After ages of trying to do so much and trying to relax, after this break I finally realised and its taken too long for the realisation to hit me, that I really need to make huge changes.

I think it’s my approach to doing things, my outlook? That isn’t helping. When I’ve had a ‘to-do’ list  there’s just pressure to do them, the list is not the problem, nor the tasks though just the pressure. Maybe I haven’t been realistic as to how much I can do or maybe I just need to prioritise. Stop trying to do it all.

So I stopped doing everything, kinda, and I’ve tried to find a way to ease back into things. At one point in all honesty here, I did think do I want to write? Am I sure? But you know it’s who I am. I can’t stop the creative part of my brain from working, from giving me ideas. I want to write.

I guess I knew a while ago that writing became a chore because although I was enjoying writing it became another task. Something to panic about if you didn’t get it done.

My main point of this post was to say how can you get that creativity back? How can you make writing fun again? I’ve known how for a while. Write for you, write what you want to read and do exercises. You need to practice meditation or workout muscles to get them into shape, maybe your creative mind needs exercise too? That can be by writing every day (whenever you can) or by doing writing exercises.

My way of easing back into writing was to get straight back to the novel, but how can I expect my brain to work after a long break? When you start exercising you ease into it. So I  went back to Tim Clare’s weekly writing exercises.  I signed up to these a while ago, he sends a weekly exercise to your inbox, they’re always different and fun.

You feel like you’ve done some writing and any writing done does count. You never know what it may turn into or in the very least you’re exercising your brain and telling it: remember writing is fun!

I didn’t intend this post to be this personal, most of the time I shy away from personal stuff who wants to hear about me and my life dramas? I am an introvert. But I just wrote what came out. And I’ll worry about it later. And this is just my experience and what has worked for me.

Maybe you’re reading this and you don’t need this advice, you’re good. 🙂 Great! That’s where I want to be.

Do you do any exercises? Have you taken a break from writing, how did you ease back into it?


4 thoughts on “Getting back to it: Writing advice and thoughts.”

  1. It’s hard to get the balance, between writing and everything else, right. We’re all different, and our writing and circumstances are all different, so it’s not something we can learn from anyone else.
    I think I’m there now, but it’s taken me years and a bit of burn out to reach this point.

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    1. I always forget that it’s not just me trying to find the balance. It’s reassuring to hear that you struggled too, if that’s ok? You are a successful writer and write a lot. Knowing that you struggle to makes me think I will get there myself. Thanks for commenting 😃 And you’re right we have to find our own solution.

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