First Time Reading: Graphic Novels

I’ve got some reviews to come but this happened:

It all started when I wanted to read the Sandman books by Neil Gaiman, but I haven’t read graphics novels before to know if I liked them.

Well, I did read a hardback compilation of Beano when I was a child and enjoyed it enough to read it over and over.

My first point of call was to see if my local library had it, this ended as it often does: they have lost it! I ordered it back in May (or maybe April) and when I went there last month to ask about it they told me it was lost. I didn’t hear anything back. So maybe  it’s easier to buy myself a copy ….

I could’ve gone to the library that stocks the graphic novels and try one of those first. But then I realised Prime Reading has them on there, and opted for the quicker option (it was evening the library was closed in my defence) so why not see if there’s anything there. Just to try out a comic and see if I’d enjoy them before I bought Sandman….

Image result for american vampire

Not sure if I should count this in my Summer Reading Challenge.

I can’t resist a vampire story. I had to figure out how to read it using the Kindle app on my phone. And sometimes I read the speech bubbles in the wrong order :/ After a while once I’d got used to the different format,  I was hooked to the story.

I found it awkward to follow sometimes, I don’t think I was concentrating properly, tired reading isn’t a good thing.

The only downside to the Kindle app (I’m hoping it’s not graphic novels in general) is the writing is so small and my eyes were straining.

So after realising I do like graphic novels I decided to buy Sandman:


Can’t really resist. I still think I prefer a novel, but I’ve only read the first few pages concentrating on  a book I’m already reading instead that I can’t wait to review.

It’s good to read something different now and again. And it’s Neil Gaiman! Wonder if the library has the rest….. I’m looking forward to going back to my favourite library I just need to widdle down that tbr. It will be done.

Do you read graphic novels?

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