In Progress Or A Writing Ramble

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In my last writing post I talked about this story idea I was liking, well if you’re a writer you know how it goes, at the time of typing these words I’ve gone back to not liking it.

It’s strange, one minute you’ll love a story and then a short time later you’ll hate it or pick at it.

Anyway, I’m made other progress recently. In fact last night! Another story I wrote ages ago- that’s why you shouldn’t throw them away-an idea I liked but couldn’t quite get there.  I struggled with this story for ages and it ended up unfinished. I’m more persistant now-I hope. One writing tip I’ve read is to change the viewpoint of a story, and for some reason this little tip came to me yesterday as ideas often do, out of thin air. And it stayed there and then around 11 o’clock last night I was going to go to sleep and that’s when I ended up picking up my pen and writing the new viewpoint version of my story.

And the bit that had stalled in the first version, the third person viewpoint, it was easier to bridge it, the character’s thoughts and family came to life in my head and I was thinking of what comes next as I wrote.

Flashforward to today:

I can’t find my file of the story but I have a hardcopy and I realised after writing that new version last night  that I think I prefer the old. Writing is strange like that always changing, you like a story you hate it. This little bit of writing has helped towards completing the story though so it wasn’t all for nothing.

I’m going to keep at it and finish it and see what I think after I’ve given it some distance.


I have so many short stories I want to finish, it seems silly to start another one again. I keep going back and for to different ones.

In the past: I used to look for  competitions to enter. My plan now: is to finish some stories. Get a sort of bank of stories first and then find competitions or places to send them to. I’m just putting my trust in myself and my writing that it will get there. At the moment I’ve spent time trying to fix this story and it never feels like I’ve done much and there’s so much left to do but small steps I guess.

Although I want to send a story to a competition or to be published somewhere writing is it’s own reward. You get good days and bad days but the urge to write always returns it’s part of me. Tip: never stop trying. Never stop dreaming but do make steps to realise that dream.

I’m looking forward to the moment I can write here that my work has paid off and instead of talking about finishing stories I can say I’ve sent one somewhere. I get tired of hearing myself go on and on about what I want. I hope that I’m not getting on anyone else nerves.

I’ve signed to a 14 day free course in September to help with the goal setting and finding time. It’s called 14 days To A Solid Writing Habit, and it’s promising after those 14 days I’ll be writing more. I think I’ve been doing ok with writing andI think I’m alright at goals, except I’ll have an idea and end up working on a different story. But I thought it couldn’t hurt to look at my productivity again. I read a book about being a more productive writer, this course seems flexible it understands that you might not be able to write everday.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s about finding a way of bridging the distance between the creative mind that does the stories and the practical mind ( do I have one?) that plans and organises things. I don’t know. If you want to know more about the course here’s the link  it’s starts on 2nd September.

This post has morhped and changed into something else just like my writing thoughts lately and I think now my brain needs a break, ignore errors in this post my brain is now tired  🙂 Back to finishing the hoovering feel free to share your thoughts below. 


4 thoughts on “In Progress Or A Writing Ramble”

  1. I’m listening to the audio book of “Dear Sugar” columns, a book entitled Tiny, Beautiful Things by Cherly Strayed (who wrote her column anonymously). In one letter, a writer asks about jealousy and writing, how she isn’t happy for her friends from her prestigious school who are getting these six-figure publishing deals. Strayed noted that not only is the letter writer expecting someone to give her something she thinks she is owed, but that writing and publishing are NOT the same thing. I used to write as a kid. I would write little books and then create covers and bind everything together with yarn. I loved it. When I started writing in college, all I cared about was publishing, and it didn’t matter if I liked what I wrote. Cheryl Strayed’s advice was something I needed to hear.


    1. I get it but I’ve only ever wrote what I like. I’m glad that your ideas shifted, if you don’t like what you write will your reader. When I was younger publishing was everything but thinking that way makes writing a chore. I write because I love it, it’s who I am and I write for that reason. Although I won’t deny I’d love writing to be my source of income and I aim for publication, writing is a joy in a hundrum world of miserable other jobs 😀 thanks for stopping by


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