Month In Review

What I read In May

Wow. This last month I’ve just seemed to be reading the Outlander series and they’re so long so that’s why I haven’t read much else. I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten about something. I did start reading other books, one I didn’t continue and two got shelved thanks to the Outlander books.

I finished Dragonfly In Amber this month and started the next book Voyager:



I also finally finished this book, review to come:

I finished this book too, great read, review here:

Little Creepers

And started Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence this month (free Kindle edition) as part of a classic a month  with the people on readitswapit forum:

Once I’ve finished Outlander I have many more books to read and review from Netgalley and another source. I was meant to be catching up, but instead I added more. I have a list of books I want to read over the summer, a mix of to-be-read books, books I’ve been wanting to read and a nice summer read from Netgalley. That’s an upcoming post, I’m also joining a summer reading challenge since I’ve already got my summer list pending 🙂

Surely those Outlander books being so thick should count as  two? I really haven’t read many books lately. I seem to be reading around three a month it’s not so bad I guess…..

Month In Review

Books I read in April

This post could be called BOOKS I DIDN’T FINISH IN APRIL,  I had time off work too so no excuses, I seem to have more books started than books finished:

The Books I Finished

IMG_20190216_111300271.jpgGood OmensIMG_20190411_101807613.jpg

I haven’t got around to writing the reviews for the first two yet. But I enjoyed both of them and was probably focused more on these books in April and they were so good I didn’t want to read anything else. I started reading Catcher In The Rye in March and finished it in April, my previous post was my review.

Books I’ve Started


Dragonfly in Amber is book two of the Outlander series, I love it most of the time I can’t put it down. It’s a library copy. Wakenhyrst is one of the Netgalley books I’ve had since last year that I need to catch up on (and I’ve requested two more with a backlog!)

The Raven's Head

I started reading this too. I was enjoying it but then I was reading A Darker Shade of Magic and I lost interest in this book. This is from my tbr I’ve had it for two years. I just keep finding books I’m enjoying more. This will feature in a post next week about books I haven’t finished yet so I’m not going to say too much here.

Books I Need To Finish :/

Little Creepers

I started this book in March and I have one story left. It really is a creepy book. I got a copy from the author in exchange for a review and I shouldn’t finished it weeks ago but I didn’t want it to end. I’ve also been reading it in work so I usually take longer to read it. Distractions

From Story Idea to Reader

I’ve had this free ebook from Rosemary J. Kind to review also. But I don’t often find the time to listen. I think if I had the physical book I might’ve finished it by now. According to Audible I have four hours left to listen. It’s a really good informative book, I just need to finish it to review.

I did have another book on Netgalley to read to. More on that in my next post.

If I have to review a book then there is more urgency to read it and I feel bad if I don’t review things quickly. I’ve got one more book to read and review and a review to write for a blog tour in May.

I’m meant to be catching up with my books but I just seem to find more, it’s one of those things you know. Bookworms never learn and complain often 🙂 I’ll catch-up. No more Netgalley requests.

Share links to your month in review books and let me know if you’ve enjoyed these.

Month In Review

Books I read in March

I still seem to be reading more books than I get around to reviewing. I want to catch up this week and write some posts for next week, so I can take a complete break next week and focus on my writing and just have a break.

Blogging is fun and so is reviewing but it’s mentally tiring trying to blog and write and review. And I’ve started exercising again. I want to read for fun sometimes and not let it become a chore so I think taking breaks from writing blog posts now and again will be very helpful. More on this soon.

Books I started in Feb but finished in March


I really enjoyed this book, the review was my last post.

Image result for the ice house by tim clare

There was so much going on in this book. I haven’t got around to reviewing it yet.

Books I finished in March

Sapphire Smyth and The Shadow Fire by R.J. Furness

Image result for sapphire smyth

A quick read and a good one, here’s the review


I’ve finished this but have yet to review it.

Books I’m still reading

The Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger

Little Creepers by Jessica Walsh (I should’ve finished this ages ago but I wanted to make it last)

From Story Idea To Reader by Rosemary Kind and Patsy Collins, reading the audiobook (free in exchange for a review) so it’s taken longer than normal. It’s a good book, info here, and I think I’ll have to buy a physical copy.

A writing book from Netgalley which I keep forgetting about.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett, which has taken over my life.


I did get into a bit of a reading slump. I read some good books but then I don’t know why I just lost interest.  I read a book for a blog tour in May and flew through it but afterwards I just couldn’t get into my other reads. I took a break and did what I needed to do which was read a fantasy book and not just any but Good Omens and I couldn’t stop reading it. It helped me to get out of the slump.

I have two modes in life: feeling motivated and energetic and trying to do it all. And then feeling so mentally tired that I can’t do anything. I need to find a balance because when I’m tired I don’t even have the energy to read. It’s just my overactive brain.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by let me know what books you’ve enjoyed lately and drop links to your Month In Review posts 🙂


Month In Review

What I read In Febuary

I haven’t read so much this month, I found more books to read and my reading has been slower. I’ve been behind on reviews also. I seem to be reading books  but not getting around to reviewing them, I might catch up one day.

Books I finished

The Little Shop of Happily Ever After by Jenny Colgan (library book review to come)

The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by [Colgan, Jenny]

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G.Drews (previous review)


Orgo Runners: The First Run by R.J. Furness (Free ebook from Amazon, reviewed on GoodReads)

ORGO RUNNERS: The First Run (Book 1) by [Furness, R.J.]

Heidi by Johanna Spyri (review to come) 

Treading the Uneven Road by L.M.Brown (review copy from author)

Books I’m still reading

Paint Me A Picture by Patsy Collins (library book enjoying it, great character, almost finished and then review to come)

The Ice House by Tim Clare (ARC from Netgalley, wow good fantasy world)


Month In Review

Books I read in January.

I’ve read some good books this month and there’s so many I want to read next. These are the books I read in January, click on the title’s to go to my review.

When All Is Said

When All Is Said And Done by Anne Griffin

I got this book from Netgalley to review. I really enjoyed it, a lovely character who tells us his life story.

Help Me: One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Your Life

Help Me! One Woman’s Quest To Find Out If Self-Help Really Can Change Your Life by Marianne Power

This was an ebook I bought on Amazon, it felt like reading a romantic-comedy, I enjoyed. If you think you need to read a self-help book read this.

The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes

I got this book for free from a website called Project Gutenberg, they offer all their books free, it’s legal as they’re all out of copyright. I got back into Sherlock Holmes this year when I finally continued with the series Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes is an intriguing character, this book is a series of short stories. I’m not sure on the timeline but I enjoyed reading them.


All Rivers Run Free by Natasha Carthew 

I won a self-care/pamper package from a blogger A Cornish Geek  and this book was included. I loved this book. I still haven’t finished the review. It reminded me a little bit of The Road but it’s more poetic, lovelier, and just brilliant.

84K by Claire North

I bought this from The Works for £2. I started reading it and couldn’t stop. I was trying not to buy any books but this one grabbed me. I couldn’t leave without it. It’s a dystopian novel set in this world where a company owns everything, it’s horrible. It  was riveting, intense and sad. Most of the time I sat there with a look of shock on my face. I haven’t written a review yet, I don’t know if I will yet. It will not do the book justice and might just be one word: SPEECHLESS!

I also started reading this book from the library:

It’s a lovely light hearted read after 84K which I think I need.

What’s next?

  • I’ve got a review of ‘All Rivers Run Free’ to write
  • Another book to read and review
  • An ebook from an author to start reading and review
  • I have so many books I want to read from my own bookshelf
  • And there’s still two books on Netgalley I need to read and review

I think that’s me remembering everything. I read quite a bit in January, but I didn’t work much, cut backs. I enjoyed all the books I read this month and only have two outstanding from this month to finish.

How did your January go? Have you read any of these books?