Free Writing Rescources

I’m always trying to remember where I seen good writing advice, or the website for helpful resources so I decided to set-up this page. It’s a work in progress at the moment

I usually save a lot on my pinterest so click here to visit my page

If you know of anything that should be here feel free to comment your own links or contact me to add it.

  •  This link will take you to a free course on which is offered frequently. I did this course and enjoyed it, you learn and also get feedback on your writing. It’s free, nothing to lose. This link will take you to the Open Learn website which also has content.
  • Here is a list of some writer’s podcasts. I also recommend looking at Tim Clare’s podcasts, he did a ‘Death Of 1000 Cuts Couch to 80k writing course’, 8 week boot camp, here’s the link 
  • I like these videos from Jenna Moreci she’s funny and helpful.
  • Worksheets for writers compiled by Jami Gold can be found here,  including the Save The Cat Beat Sheet.
  • If you fancy writing a novel, (50,000 words novel) in a month then check out  in November. Or to do your own thing you can join the camp in April and July
  • This link will take you to a post about plotting from the writer C.G. Drews, there are other posts on her blog too.
  • For information about writing competitions to enter you should follow Patsy Collin’s blog here 
  • And there’s so much info here:
  • Looking for an agent, have you heard of Pitch Wars on Twitter, find out about it here